Well Testing & Meter Proving

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Well Testing & Meter Proving


Our personnel have been providing calibrations, meter proving, in-line effluent well testing and measurement consulting for more than a decade. In addition we are actively involved in the Canadian Hydrocarbon School of Measurement and the local Industry Measurement Group (IMG) as a commitment we maintain to keep up with the latest technology and legislative requirements.

Whether in the field using our portable units or inside our own shop, we can prove all liquid meters including; positive displacement, turbine, vortex and coriolis meters. We can prove both.

Our technicians can also perform the pre-test calibrations in conjunction with effluent testing.

Services and Solutions Offered

  • ERCB and OGC Compliant Meter Calibrations
  • In-Line Effluent Well Testing
  • Gas Liquid Meter (GLM) Testing
  • Turbine Meter Proving
  • Measurement Consulting
  • Troubleshooting